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Find out about our past live performance and cabaret nights.

Drag To Watch Out For

Our cabaret night platforming underrepresented artists.

A photo of Pippa and Beth MC'ing a Drag To Watch Out For event. Pippa is dressed in drag as Art Throb pointing a clipboard to someone about to come on stage. Beth stands in drag next to her as Dan Load holding the mic wire and wearing a rainbow basket ball jersey.  A woman in the background is waving whilst wearing a rainbow halter dress.
EVENTS_ Past Event 2 _Bechdel Testing Life.jpg

Bechdel Testing Life




A series of short plays inspired by real-life conversations passing the Bechdel test.

Other events


Special and one-off events that we’ve produced.

A photo of Pippa and Beth on stage at Edinburgh Fringe with Funny Women banners in the backround. They are sat down interviewing Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson from comedy duo Britney who are laughing and holding microphones.
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