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Our anti-hierarchical post-show conversation circles.

A relaxed space for audience members to chat about their thoughts, emotions & responses after watching a Bechdel-friendly show together. 

These are an informal alternative to curated expert panels and Q&As, which we’ve often found super alienating and where people often apologise for saying

this isn’t a question, but more of a comment”.


More comments please!

Bechdel Circles take place in theatre bars, cafes, stages, and online.


Each show's creative team are invited to participate in the conversation if they want, but are mainly there to listen, not answer questions about the show.


We often arrange discount codes with theatres, to make it more affordable to see the shows we’re talking about. Bechdel Circle conversations are always free and open for all ticket holders to join. 

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Contact us here if you would like to hire us to run a Bechdel Circle. 



“It was great to talk with strangers about the show and hear their different opinions!”

Audience member, Camden People’s Theatre 2018

“Inviting and well structured – everyone can be heard and the right questions are asked”

And The Rest Of Me Floats company member, Bush Theatre 2019

“Thanks @BechdelTheatre for an awesome post-show discussion tonight. Learned some great stuff about gender identity, labeling, drag, and more!”

@kshen (twitter) 

Past Venues 

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