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We facilitate spaces that foster courage and invite participants to take risks and celebrate and support each other.


We run these in schools, colleges, LGBTQAI+ youth groups, in theatre venues, and for performers and theatre-makers of different disciplines. 


Examples Include:



A practical and playful workshop for devisers, theatre-makers, aspiring writers, and anyone who wants to experiment and create in a supportive environment.


An intimate and empowering workshop for actors of marginalised genders in need of a confidence-boosting break from being sidelined or stereotyped. 

Selling your
feminist show

An informative and insightful workshop aimed at individuals and theatre companies thinking about producing and/or marketing their own show.

and persona


A fun and reflective, physical workshop exploring gender expression, stereotypes and how to develop characters inspired by day-to-day life. 

"We've worked with Bechdel Theatre for a number of years.

Pippa and Beth create really engaging workshops which allow students to explore ideas around gender and identity.

The exercises are imaginative and suitably challenging. 

Their skills as facilitators allow students to reflect on their work and practice through open and reflective discussions."

- Lee White, Florida State University (London Theatre Academy)

Feedback from workshop participants

“The workshop with Bechdel Theatre has filled me with so much hope for the future of collaborative theatre making. I always have anxiety before speaking to groups of people; I felt supported.” 


“A strong sense of camaraderie and support.”  

“Fun, low-pressure, and I left feeling confident in my work.”

“I felt encouraged to take risks in a way I hadn’t before.”

“You come out feeling hopeful.”

“You’ll get great feedback and be able to single out what your personal strengths are.” 

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Our workshops are created with people of marginalised genders in mind, but can be open to all genders when held in certain spaces (eg. education settings or youth groups).

To find out rates, to ask us to design something bespoke or to invite us to deliver a workshop for your company, venue, or education setting


with “Workshop Enquiry” in the subject line.

Find out about any upcoming workshops

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