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A banner filled with bright, colourful megaphone shapes with the words connect, support and amplify scattered across each one

We are Bechdel Theatre

We are a grassroots community interest company that supports, connects and amplifies people of marginalised genders* in and through theatre and performance.


We create and facilitate physical and digital spaces to increase visibility, build solidarity and radically re-imagine the possibilities of UK theatre.

*eg, women, trans and non-binary people. See our FAQs for more on gender and our community.

​What we do


Workshops, events, social media, podcasting, blogging, audience discussions, stickers and more…

A group of smiling people stand and kneel infront of a Bechdel Theatre banner in a theatre bar. People include co-directors Pippa Sa, Beth Watson, Tash Brown and Emily Aboud
Purple podcast digital illustration with Bechdel Theatre and two microphones in the background and cartoon depictions of Pippa and Beth in the front

​Latest podcast


We interview artists and audiences to chat about their work & passions.

​Latest events


Recent previous events and upcoming dates for your diary.

Event photo of an outside venue strung with colourful bunting and fairylights in the evening with lots of people in groups talking. A placard on the left stands saying Drag To Watch Out For.

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