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Beth Watson

(Any Pronouns)

Dog Person.

Loves: scary movies, quizzes, pizza & beer.

A headshot of Beth with a white background. Beth is white with hazel eyes and mid-length wavy brunette hair. They have excellent matching eyebrows and are smiling slightly.
Favourite things to see on stage: 

real food & drink

glitterballs & confetti

bare bums

when the audience join in (ask me to volunteer!)


Is also:

performer & theatre maker, creative facilitator, tour guide, founder of Queer Diary (where LGBTQ+ adults share their teenage diaries with audiences), writer & performer of Hasbian & drag king Dan Load.

You can find out more about me and my work at

Pippa Sa


Cat Person.

Loves: real housewives, lao gan ma & tiktok.

A headshot of Pippa smiling widely at the camera. She is mixed race both East Asian and White and in her late 20's.  She is wearing black eyeliner and has dark hair in a bob-shape. She is wearing lilac square glasses which are ever so slightly crooked. You can see she is wearing a patterned shirt.
Favourite things to see on stage: 

a reprise in a minor key

queer joy

fiery monologues

a REVEAL (set, costume, body!) 


Is also:

facilitator (focussing on gender, oppression, wellbeing, young people), studying applied theatre at CSSD, homelessness worker, cabaret performer Maiden Gyyna, bass player for feminist punk band Underwire.

You can find out more about me and my work at

We’re both from Brighton, we’re both neurodivergent & we met during Bryony Kimmings summer school in 2016.


You’ll find us sitting in the front row of your show, or in the bar bonding over buffy, grease and our favourite drag kings.

A mid-shot photo of Pippa and Beth stood back to back looking at the camera with a pink background. Pippa is looking serious and Beth is smiling. They are both wearing glasses. Pippa is wearing a white t-shirt with a rainbow visible and stands slightly taller than Beth, who wears a flowery top with a short over it and a Bechdel badge.
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