Since 2016 we’ve been interviewing artists to discuss the things that matter most to them and amplify their work past and present. 

We love getting to talk about things like art, activism, lived experience, and the themes and inspirations behind the work we love to see on stage. We’ve discussed everything from the risks of audience participation with Travis Alabanza, to casting an actor to play yourself with Selina Thompson and Rochelle Rose, to Rubyyy Jones’ journey from small town Canada to the London Queerlesque scene.

Beth and Pippa on a couch covered in patterned cushions, looking up at the camera, smiling with their mouths closed. On the table in front of them sits their two laptops and a podcast mic. Beth holds a glass of red wine and looks slightly tipsy. They’re celebrating the recording of their first ever episode!

Nothing gets us hyped more than hyping others and sharing this with the world. 


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