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We work across three main areas:

Community Engagement

Building community and solidarity across the arts and culture sector and the wider public.

Public Advocacy

Raising awareness, highlighting and amplifying examples of improved gender representation on stage.

Artist Development

Supporting and connecting artists of marginalised genders in theatre and the performing arts.

A group of 10 people in their 20s and 30s, wearing casual clothing and smiling as they surround a Bechel Theatre roller banner sign. They’re standing, sitting, and crouching in front of a white wall and blue curtain. The group is made up of predominantly women and non-binary people, with one cis man. Most of the people are of South or East Asian heritage, with two white people. The photo was taken following a Bechdel Circle audience discussion after the play Coconut by Guleraana Mir at Ovalhouse Theatre in 2018.

Bechdel Circle


We facilitate post-show conversation circles to give audience members a unique opportunity to chat about performances.



We talk to artists and audiences about all things queer and feminist in theatre and performance.

Purple podcast digital illustration with Bechdel Theatre and two microphones in the background and cartoon depictions of Pippa and Beth in the front
Beth and Pippa wearing big square sunglasses and posing with a yellow cardboard frame covered with cartoon illustrations.The frame is being held up by another person off-screen. Pippa is wearing an exaggeratedly serious expression, and Beth is excitedly smiling open-mouthed.

Social media


We use social media to promote upcoming productions for the communities that follow us online.



We run workshops in theatres, schools, colleges, LGBTQAI+ youth groups.

A multi-coloured page of felt-tip handwriting, with the word “Gender” in the centre. Mind-map style lines extend from the central word, leading to other words saying things like “put you in a box” “labels” “cisgender” “feminism” “identity” “fluid” “spectrum” “sex” “society” “binary” “intersex” “queer”.
Beth stretching upwards to place a Bechdel Theatre sticker next to five-star reviews on a huge poster for the play Skin A Cat by Isley Lynn.



We use stickers to highlight shows at arts festivals that pass the Bechdel test. 



We highlight productions, performances and events that we’ve either enjoyed or are excitedly looking forward to.

A colourful wall of flyers from Bechdel test passing shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Shows include Glittery Clittery, Hotter, Queens of Sheba, Pussy Riot: Riot Days, FOC It Up, F**k You Pay Me, Zoo, Hot Brown Honey, Njambi McGrath, Love Songs, and Bitches In A Ford KA.
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