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Now Hiring: Operations Lead

Bechdel Theatre is seeking an Operations Lead to support the re-launch of our public activities and contribute to an exciting period of development for our company. 


This brand new freelance role supports the next step of Bechdel Theatre’s transition from a ‘passion project’ to a sustainable organisation. In helping plan for the company’s future, there is also potential for the successful candidate to shape a permanent version of this role within Bechdel Theatre’s core team.

Full Job Description, please download our recruitment pack

Here as a PDF

Here as a Word Document. 


About the role

You’ll join the existing company of two Creative Directors to play a pivotal role in developing one of Bechdel Theatre’s longest-running core activities: Bechdel Theatre Circle.

This project will focus primarily on re-developing the Bechdel Theatre Circle post-show conversations, with the opportunity to also impact our long-term organisational development (contributing to our Theory of Change, Monitoring and Evaluation framework, and considering future project planning). You will lead on the planning, logistics and evaluation of our work, including supporting the strategic development of relationships with venues and organisations whose work is in line with our values. 


With Bechdel Theatre you’ll support the development of work which builds community connections, prioritising quality and impact over scale and volume of work/output.

This role has the potential to expand in the future, subject to funding for further development of Bechdel Theatre’s other activities.


More about Bechdel Theatre Circle.


£2700 flat fee (from a total project budget of £9500) for work carried out between March - June, with the potential to expand the role in the future. 

The exact working and payment timetable is to be agreed upon to meet your schedule and commitments. To give you an idea of existing work patterns, the current Creative Directors normally work 1-2 days per week for the company (a mix of solo and collaborative work, either on Zoom or in Central London). We estimate this to be 14-18 days of work. Payments will be made upon receipt of an invoice. 

We are committed to working with full financial transparency and want the amount of work you put in to be reflective of the fee available on our current project-based budget. We will be happy to discuss what this means for you, both before and during this project timeline, and any subsequent work we may agree to do together in the future.

Application Process

Please email your CV, Linkedin, or website to by 23:59 Monday 20th February 2023. 

Please include a cover letter of a couple of paragraphs (around 250-500 words) introducing yourself, and noting any experience, skills or qualities that make you well-suited to this role. Please also let us know about any access requirements that will enable you to take part in this application process.

You can send this typed, or by voice note or video if you prefer. 

Interviews will be on Wednesday 1st March via Zoom. 

We’ll tell all interviewees what we’d like to ask/talk about ahead of time, and will inform everyone of the outcome of your application ASAP.

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