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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

A page of round stickers from which 3 have been used. The stickers say 'Bechdel Test Pass!' and have the old Bechdel Theatre logo printed in black on white. The sheet is on top of a pile of papers on a quite messy desk.
'Bechdel Test Pass' stickers, circa 2016-19

Just because some people have asked: We’re not doing our usual EdFringe coverage this year. Sorry to anyone who misses it! We do too!

We may be back one day, but we’ll be doing things differently.

From 2016-19 we spent August running about Edinburgh recording podcasts, writing hundreds of recommendations in tweets, insta stories & ludicrously long blog posts, and putting ‘This Show Passes the Bechdel Test!’ stickers on show posters.

Over the last 2 years a big part of our organisational development has been about taking time to reassess how we work and the effectiveness & viability of our activities.

This sector’s culture of working the cusp of burnout for low/no pay out of ‘passion’ is something we try to challenge, as it hurts the most marginalised amongst us, but it crept up on us within our own org - especially in Fringe season. We’d been putting ourselves through the very thing we thought we were fighting!

This is why it’s taking us a while to reach the point of properly re-launching our public activities.

We aren’t sure what we’ll be doing this time next year. But for the moment, we’re still working behind the scenes to make sure whatever it is, it’ll be well thought-through, with no one at risk of burning out or going broke.

With all this said, we still do want to support in any way we can!

So, artists with shows that fit our remit: If you tag us in your promo image on twitter or in an insta story, we’ll always RT & share - you don’t have to email us to ask - we’ll do this any time of year.

And please look after yourselves, ESPECIALLY at this time of year!


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